Commercial Agents – How to Farm Your Sales and Listing Territory

Commercial real estate is similar to other types of property  in that you must logically and consistently work your territory. Your  success in the process will give you greater listing opportunity and future  deals. This will have immediate impact on your income and your  success. This says that you must therefore be diligent and logical…

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How to Farm Your Commercial Real Estate Market Today

Mapping and Planning The best way to control your long term activities as a commercial real estate agent is to get a street map of the area and then work the geographic location in stages. Essentially you need to understand your area in great detail and have a solid awareness of the following matters: property ownership…

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Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Agents and Realtors Today

When you work in commercial real estate agency, the prospecting process should be part of every working day. Cold calling is a central component of that prospecting activity. When you make the calls professionally and directly each and every day, you will produce more opportunity faster for yourself. That being said, the calling process requires diligence and personal…

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