How to Be a Successful Target Marketer in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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You can win more local property business if you are a ‘target marketer’ for a location.  The clients that we service in commercial real estate like to have the best agent with the best market coverage working for them in every way possible.  Random actions and the generic approach to the real estate business no…

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How a Complete Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Practice Session Improves Knowledge and Skills

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In commercial real estate brokerage there are a good number of things that require practice and refinement over time.  It’s a personal process that cannot be delegated.  It is the faster track to getting results in brokerage with listings and clients.  (NB – you can get our free commercial real estate course here)   So…

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The Essential Strategies to Follow in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

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As you consolidate your career in commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of opportunities to be had across the segments of the leasing market. There will usually be a good selection of local businesses, landlords, and tenants struggling to resolve occupancy issues.   If this is the property market segment for you, then consider…

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A Simple System for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

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When you have a property to take to the market you will have a number of options to consider as you reach out to the target market.  You can promote the property selectively and directly to the right people, or you could undertake a public campaign to the general market.  So a good degree of…

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Branding Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents and Brokers

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In commercial real estate leasing you want the tenants and landlords to remember you as a leasing specialist, and thereby use you at the times when they have a leasing challenge.  On that basis you really should know lots of people locally that own or occupy investment properties. Your database should be the lifeblood of…

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How to Deliver High End Marketing Solutions for Exclusive Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

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The quality and focus of your marketing campaigns in commercial real estate will attract volumes of clients and prospects over time, providing you build quality and target marketing into your promotional processes.  Build your brand through your current marketing processes with all of your listings. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to…

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Prospecting and Focus Facts in Commercial Real Estate

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In todays program we cover 1. Ways to focus your prospecting and marketing, 2. Essential prospecting guidelines, 3. Priorities for a commercial broker or agent, 4. Great ways to use your spare time in brokerage. Commercial real estate training by John Highman. MP3 File

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Major Change Initiatives for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

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Most years in commercial real estate will dish up a variety of market conditions.  You have to be versatile and driven as an agent or broker.  If something is not working for you, look for the signs and then implement change.  There are plenty of people to watch and use as role models. (N.B. these…

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Finding Robust Market Conditions in Commercial Real Estate

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The commercial property market is always changing, and the shifts and swings each year will move from buying to selling, as well as owning to renting.  Property developments also come and go from the market based on expected growth in a location. Somewhere in those changes you will find property opportunity to work with the…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Property Developments are High Opportunity Listings

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In commercial real estate brokerage, there will always be plenty of new business to convert locally when it comes to upcoming and current property development approvals.  Part of your prospecting model as a broker or agent should incorporate that focus on new developments, incorporating a real strategy and approach to the right people. (N.B. these…

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